hen couples dream of their perfect wedding destination abroad, their vision often includes escaping to a far-away place that offers all of the charms one could possibly desire for their Religious or Civil Ceremony.
So, if you're looking at celebrating your wedding in Sicily, Taormina is a good choice.
Taormina's beauty is uncontested. Some cities are known for their art treasures, others for their natural beauties; only a few, like Taormina, own both. Visitors to this magical yet relatively undiscovered island, leave with its images of sheer beauty, its cultural simplicity, the passion and warmth of the people and historical delights etched permanently in their memories.
Within its ancient stone gates, the old town has fascinating archaeological monuments and medieval homes. Magnificent views of the sea complete the picture. The city is located on a cliff top overlooking the deep blue of the never ending horizon reflected in a clear turquoise sea which surrounds the bays and beaches. In fact it is Sicily's number one tourist resort, boasting magnificent scenery, architecture and great local cuisine.
It's no wonder tourists flock to Taormina every year. Its rich culture and crystal clear sea and views of Mount Etna create a magical atmosphere. Taormina has endlessly winding medieval streets and tiny passages, each with its own secrets.
Some of these intriguing places are secluded gardens hidden by stone walls; others are set on terraces overlooking the coast or in more public but equally pleasant squares.
Taormina is beautiful by day but in the evenings its atmosphere is simply enchanting, whether you stroll the illuminated streets or indulge in the view of the coast over an authentic Sicilian dinner.
Taormina's ancient Greek splendour, medieval charm and unique views will leave you with a lasting impression of Sicily.
The climate is mild even in the winter, where it feels like eternal spring time.
Its air is filled with the scent of orange and lemon blossoms. Steal away on an island retreat in beautiful Sicily, as it offers a taste of the traditional with a delicate touch of the exotic. There are several charming churches here in which to have a Catholic wedding, as well as Palazzo Santo Stefano for civil weddings, which takes an exquisitely charming medieval mood.
Taormina's regal Norman Byzantine, Romanesque and Baroque churches offer a beautiful venue for a religious wedding.
Couples may choose to exchange their wedding vows in any of these spectacular locations!
The whole Taormina experience leaves visitors breathless and enthusiastic to plan their dream wedding here.